Sunday, November 23, 2014


    We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming due to this week's Steelers bye. Normally in this space on a Sunday morning Mrs. Black-N-Gold would present to you the keys for the day's Steelers game . The NFL schedule makers have given our favorite football team the week off. But Mrs. Black-N-Gold never rests. Please allow me to take this opportunity to remind you of
"The Importance of Being Black-N-Gold".

     The Big Bossman and I have traveled all over this great country (and outside of it, too), and I always manage to sniff out the Steelers bars in the area. You know the type of establishment, there's usually a Terrible Towel hanging and if you're there during football season, you may fancy a cold Iron City or IC Light. These taverns are usually the home for the Pens and Pirates, too. You also almost always run into someone from the area be it Beaver County, Mt. Washington, or Upper St. Clair. You usually spot like minded people by the garb they wear, a Pirates hat, a Penguins t-shirt or a Steelers jacket.

     Face it, Black-N-Gold Nation is everywhere. It's now gone global. What other fan base can boast of all the greats who have worn Black-N-Gold? From Mario Lemieux to Sidney Crosby, Terry Bradshaw to Ben Roethlisberger, Roberto Clemente to Andrew McCutchen. And, oh those championships. Hall of Famers and record-breakers and championship trophies. Oh My!

       So wear your heart on your sleeve, fans of the Black-N-Gold. And on your chest, on your head, and anywhere else you want to display your love of the Black-N-Gold. We may come from all walks of life but we all wear the same colors. Black-N-Gold, baby! Let's Go Bucs!!!!! Let's Go Pens!!! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

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