Tuesday, September 30, 2014


     Welcome to Buctober! For the second straight year, your Pittsburgh Pirates are in the postseason. They fell a game short of an opportunity to win the NL Central title but will host the San Fran Giants for Wildcard Wednesday. How do the Buccos' odds stack up? Even though the Pirates carry one of the best home records in baseball, the pundits aren't giving them much of a chance.

     Did the talking heads not watch any Pirates games this season? The Pirates took the pitcher with the worst ERA in baseball last season, RH Edinson Volquez, and turned him into a Comeback Player of the Year candidate. Eddy is even starting Wednesday night's game against San Fran. They also have a player that was always the 25th man coming out of spring training and wasn't in the starting lineup for the first month and a half. This player has gone on to become an All-Star, an MVP candidate and contended for the batting title. 3B Josh Harrison became the catalyst for this ball club as it's leadoff hitter and a rock at the hot corner.

     The Pirates also had to contend with various injuries to key players throughout the season. C Russell Martin was out for the first month with a hamstring injury. 2B Neil Walker missed time due to appendicitis and a balky back. LH Francisco Liriano and RH Gerrit Cole both had extended stays on the DL.  And, of course, there was the rib injury that sidelined CF Andrew McCutchen for a few weeks just as the pennant race was heating up.

      Let us not forget all the obstacles our Buccos had to overcome. RF Marlon Bryd and 1B Justin Morneau signed with other teams in the offseason. The Pirates also lost RH A.J. Burnett to free agency, a death knoll in many people's eyes. The Pirates only had a shell of 3B Pedro Alvarez this season as the defending NL batting champ watched his home run total plummet and his errors at third base skyrocket. Let us not forget how former closer Jason Grilli practically buried the Pirates early in the season with blown save after blown save. Their seven-game losing streak, including a sweep at division rival St Louie, was also surely the end of their playoff hopes.

      Through it all, Clint Hurdle and his crew persevered. It was if they had a charmed season, if you will. What other team has overcome so much and still come out smelling like a rose? Many "experts" didn't even expect this year's version of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club to make .500, let alone the playoffs. But here come the Pirates. JHay had not one, but two, highlight-reel rundowns in which he avoided certain outs mere weeks apart. Cutch thrilled thousands with his inside the park homer. RF Gregory Polanco gave fans a taste of what's to come with his five-tool talent. Super Russ showed why he should in be consideration as the Best Catcher in Baseball and as MVP. Don't forget that around-the-horn triple play. And it all began on Opening Day, in walkoff-fashion. The Real Deal greeted the new season with the first of his record-breaking 23 home runs, most ever by a Pirates second baseman.

      All this adds up to a team of destiny, to me. One that is destined to celebrate a championship with a victory parade down Grant Street, when all is said and done. Yes, I'll say it again: the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates are a team of destiny. A team that is destined to achieve greatness and win the World Series this year. Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Oh how our Pittsburgh Steelers love to put us through the wringer. How do the Steelers follow-up their resounding victory over the Carolina Panthers last week? By losing a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking game that was decided in the final seconds 27-24, to an 0-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, that's how. At Heinz Field, no less! So it is with a heavy heart that Mrs. Black-N-Gold brings to you the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from yesterday's monstrosity of a game.

1)The Good-Let's see. That is a head-scratcher. I was going to give the Good to WR Antonio Brown. He of the 7 catches for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns. Brown continues to show why he should be in the conversation as one of the best receivers in the NFL. But then I remembered the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for touchdown celebration. True, the refs through flags for everything short of a sneeze these days. However, if it's going to draw a flag, I dunno, how about you don't do it! More on that later. I also had a flashback to the flea-flicker pass that sailed right through AB's hands. It would have been a sure touchdown and difference-maker in this game. Sorry, #84 doesn't get the Good Award this week. Keep trying, bro. No, I'll present the title of "Good" to a consummate professional both on the field and off. I am referring to one Heath Miller. Heath dropped one early but made up for that transgression by catching 10 passes for 85 yards and 1 touchdown. See, rarely is Heath flagged. And when he is, it isn't for anything close to unsportsmanlike. He acts like he's been there before and goes about his business. Other players should take a page out of his book.

2)The Bad-Where does one begin when allowing an 0-3 team to come back and beat you? I know, I know. How about penalties? They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing, over and over and expect a different outcome. I hear that the dictionary people at Webster will be putting the Steelers team photo next to that definition very soon. How can you expect to get flagged 13 times for 125 yards and still win a game? There continues to be a complete lack of accountability, or is it common sense, when it comes to penalties with this team. And it begins at the top. If the coaches don't do something to stop the penalties, the penalties won't stop. Maybe it's all white noise to these players now. It used to be that the defense would run through a wall for defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. I don't see that with these younger players. It's also disheartening to see S Troy Polamalu get flagged for a facemask. Take a look at Troy now, while you still can. He's lost a step and he's trying to overcompensate for it because he knows it. I realize you can't fine the players for penalties, the union wouldn't allow it. Last year Coach Tomlin took away the pool table, the ping pong table. What's left? Send them to bed without dessert? Every time the Steelers suffer a humiliating, embarrassing loss such as this (and there have been too many of them in the Tomlin-era to count), we always say the same thing (again with the insanity thing) "Back to the drawing board". Maybe it's time to take that drawing board and blow it up. We knew there'd be growing pains with the younger players, especially on defense. However, many of the young players have been around long enough to know. How many times does LT Kelvin Beachum have to get penalized before it costs him his job? I know in the real world, if you don't do your job, you're out of a job. No one wants to see that happen but no one wants to see losses like this continue to happen, either.

3)The Ugly-How's this for ugly? You kick a playoff team's butt on national television last week then lose to an 0-3 team at home that are licking their wounds from a 56-14 loss this week. You let a backup quarterback throw a crucial 41 yard pass on 2nd down to a wide receiver that was just signed off the street this week. Said wide receiver gets it down to your 5 yard line with 15 seconds left to play. Need I say more? If so, allow me to spell it out: Tampa Bay 27 Pittsburgh 24. The offense continues to allow themselves to be bogged down in the red zone and settle for field goals and the defense reverts to prevent defense when they have the lead. Again, blow up the darn drawing board!

The Steelers, now 2-2, managed to avoid the AFC North basement this week thanks to Cleveland's bye. They did lose ground on the Baltimorons, who are in 2nd place at 3-1 with a win. Cincy also had a bye and remains the leader at 3-0.

The Steelers travel to Jacksonville next week to battle the Jagoffs. Careful, Steelers, it's another winless team at 0-4. So get ready and get back in the win column this week, for crying out loud! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Here we go, Steelers, here we go! Your Pittsburgh Steelers are back home at Heinz Field as they kickoff today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Steelers offense looked back on track as they had 2 100-yard rushers and zero turnovers en route to last week's 37-19 win over Carolina. Keep the offense rolling. Score early, score often, score BIG!    2)Coming off a 54-16 loss to Atlanta, 0-3 Tampa Bay is averaging a meager 15 points per game. The defense should lick their collective chops over this team. The Steelers have to avoid playing down to their level of competition. Hit 'em early, hit 'em often, hit 'em HARD! 3)The Steelers D will be missing 3 of their starters, OLB Jarvis Jones (wrist), ILB Ryan Shazier (knee) and CB Ike Taylor (forearm). The D will get a boast with the return of OLB James Harrison. Plus, there is the long-awaited debut of ILB Sean Spence in the starting lineup. Both linebackers are expected to help the defense continue trending upward after recording their first turnover of the season as well as 3 sacks last week. Rah rah ree, hit 'em in the knee! Rah rah rass, hit 'em in the other knee! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


All hands on deck! Your Pittsburgh Pirates finish out the regular season today in Cincy as they battle the Reds one more time. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Bucs lost a heartbreaker in extra innings yesterday, 10-6. That put division-leading St Louie's magic# at 1. Luckily, St Louie couldn't seal the deal in Arizona last night. The Pirates need to win today and St Louie to lose later to finish in a tie for the NL Central. Then they will travel to St Louie for game# 163 tomorrow night. Win the division and they don't have to play until the NLDS begins Friday night. Otherwise, they play San Fran at PNC in the Wild Card on Wednesday. The Pirates have shown an innate ability to bounce back all season long. Today they need to exhibit that ability again. Hoist the colors and win the division. Never say die! 2)The Pirates are supposed to start RH Gerrit Cole, 11-5, 3.78 ERA. I say "supposed" because the Cole Train's status was still up in the air this morning. Start him to try to win the division, or save him for a wild card game. In Cole's last 13 starts, the Pirates have gone 11-2 with Cole winning his last 4 straight. #5 would be great! 3)The Bucs will face Cincy RH Johnny Cueto, 19-9, 2.29 ERA. Cue-to is 4-0 with a 1.89 ERA vs the Pirates this season as he goes for win #20. Hit him early, hit him often, hit him HARD with lots o' Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Let's go, let's go, he can't hit, he can't hit! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series in Cincy this afternoon against the Reds. These are your keys to today's game. 1)With last night's 3-1 sinking of Cincy, the Pirates have won 5 of 6 and 17 of 21. This afternoon they go for 3 in a row. If it's 3, it's for me! 2)The Pirates send LH Francisco Liriano, 7-10, 3.32 ERA to the mound. Cincy goes with RH Alfredo Simon, 15-10, 3.34 ERA. Frankie has surrendered just 1 earned run in his last 28 innings. Fire 'em up, Filthy Frankie! 3)It's been a September to remember as the Pirates boast the best record in baseball this month. Meanwhile, Cincy has the worst mark in the Majors since the All-Star Break. Feast on Chicken Alfredo tonight with a big helping of Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey batter, batter, batter! Your Pittsburgh Pirates begin their final series of the regular season tonight as they open a 3 game set in Cincy against the Reds. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Pirates took 3 out of 4 in Atl by brutalizing the Braves last night, 10-1. The Bucs broke out of their slump by cracking 16 hits and setting the record for most runs scored by a Pirates team since 2008 with 668. They look to keep the hit parade going in Cincy's bandbox of a ballpark, Great American Ballpark. Hit 'em early, hit 'em often, hit 'em HARD! Hit, Run, & Score! 2)In their last 20 games, Pirates pitchers have posted an MLB-best 1.95 ERA. Mow 'em down! 3)The Pirates send RH Vance Worley, 8-4, 2.93 ERA to the hill. Cincy goes with RH Mike Leake, 11-13, 3.78 ERA. Worley has gone 3-0 with a 2.25 ERA in his last 4 starts. Give 'em the bird, Worley! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Bucco fever, catch it! Your Pittsburgh Pirates close out their series with the Braves in Atlanta tonight. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Pirates go with RH Edinson Volquez, 12-7, 3.15 ERA. Atlanta answers with RH David Hale, 4-4, 3.27 ERA. Eddy is 4-0 with a 1.53 ERA in his last 9 starts. Following last night's 6-2 loss, the Pirates need to get back in the win column by steadying the ship. Steady Eddy! 2)Through their last 10 games the Bucs are 8-2 while the Braves are 2-8. Kick 'em while they're down! 3)The Pirates haven't scored more than 3 runs in a game since winning 4-2 last Friday night against Milwaukee. The Buccos' bats need to wake up. It's tough in the spacious surroundings of Turner Field, it's true. But they have to make hay while the sun shines. The opportunity was there last night, both St Louie & San Fran lost. Unfortunately, so did our Pirates. Today is another day to make that hay.  St Louie doesn't play. Break out the bats with some Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Put me in coach! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series in Atlanta tonight with the Braves. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)With Milwaukee's loss last night to Cincy, the Pirates 3-2 win over Atl returned them to the postseason for the 2nd straight year. How appropriate that the Bucs were able to shut up the tomahawk chop and raise the Jolly Roger and pop bottles in Atlanta. Still, chill the champagne just a bit. Save it for the division. Save it for the pennant. Save it for the Series! 2)The Pirates are 16-3 in their last 19 games. Keep stacking them in the win column. The Bucs are going all the way! Keep on BUCN! 3)The Pirates send LH Jeff Locke, 7-5, 3.60 ERA to the hill. Atlanta will go with RH Julio Teheran, 13-13, 2.88 ERA. There's still a lot of baseball to play as the Pirates hold the top spot in the Wildcard and are merely 1.5 games behind St Louie in the NL Central. Locke and load, Hit, Run, & Score, Raise the Jolly Roger and tell Atlanta to put the tomahawk chop where the sun don't shine! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Mrs. Black-N-Gold stayed up past her bedtime on Sunday night so she could watch your Pittsburgh Steelers crush the Carolina Panthers 37-19. This is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from Sunday night's victory.

1)The Good-There was a lot of good in a win like this. The Steelers, finally, scored a touchdown (and then some), to end an eight quarter drought. The had 2 100-yard rushers, RBs Le'Veon Bell rushed 21 times for 147 yards and LaGarrette Blount ran 10 for 118 and a touchdown. The offense did not turn the ball over. WR Antonio Brown caught 10 passes for 90 yards and 2 touchdowns. QB Ben Roethlisberger was an efficient 22 of 30 for 196 yards, 2 touchdowns and a 112.6 passer rating. It wasn't all offense, though. No, this game was a complete, 60-minute team effort. The Steelers recorded their first turnovers of the season. One was a fumble by S Shamarko Thomas on a muffed punt that DB Robert Golden recovered in the endzone for a score. The other was a defensive fumble. Yes, you read that right. The defense forced a turnover. And that's not all. They also recorded 3 sacks, 3 TFLs and held Carolina to 4 of 12 on 3rd downs. It's all good.

2)The Bad-Until you get to the bad, that is. Sorry to be a downer but there is some rain for this parade. Again the Steelers racked up ridiculous penalty after ridiculous penalty for a total of 11 for 91 yards. The worst being a personal foul penalty by G David DeCastro that forced a 3rd and 21 in the waning seconds of the first half when the Steelers were clinging to a 6-3 lead. Luckily, Ben was able to get the Steelers back in field goal range and set up a 45-yarder by K Shaun Suisham that put the Steelers up 9-3 at the half. The Steelers did seem to settle down, penalty-wise in the second half. Let's hope that trend continues.

3)The Ugly-Nothing could be fina than a win over Carolina. Unfortunately, nothing could be uglier than losing 3 defensive starters for significant amounts of time, either. Just when it looks like the D may be finding their way, CB Ike Tayler, OLB Jarvis Jones and ILB Ryan Shazier all left the game with injuries and could be gone for a while, if they don't land on IR. Jones' injury is so serious there are even rumblings of the Steelers bringing back the recently retired James Harrison. These injuries will test the team's depth, or lack thereof.

It's up to the healthy Steelers to get ready for a visit from the Bucs. No, not the Pittsburgh Pirates, their northshore neighbors. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town on Sunday for a 1pm kickoff. Tampa Bay is still searching for the first win of the season. Beware a trap game! Meanwhile, the Steelers aren't in bad shape, standings-wise. The Bungles lead the AFC North with a 3-0 record. The Steelers and Batlimorons are in a tie at 2-1. Of course, the Cleveland Clowns are in the basement at 1-2. Get healthy, get ready. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series tonight in Hotlanta against the Bravos. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)With last night's victory, the Pirates have won back-to-back 1-0 ballgames. Keep tossing those goose eggs! 2)Yes, the Buccos won. Unfortunately, so did St Louie & San Fran. The Pirates are still 2.5 back in the NL Central. They do, however, hold the edge in the wildcard. Their magic# for the postseason is now down to 2. No sleep till Buctober! 3)I now have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is the Pirates have only scored 2 runs in their last 3 games.  The good news is that Pirates pitchers have held opponents to 1 run in the last 3 games, winning 2 outta 3. Give these pitchers some support. Hit, Run & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014


The crack of the bat, the thrill of the hit! Your Pittsburgh Pirates begin their final road trip of the regular season tonight with the first of 4 in Atlanta against the Braves. 1)Yesterday, the Braves were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention as the were swept by the New York Mets. Meanwhile, the Pirates took 2 of 3 from Milwaukee with their 1-0 win. Keep on BUCN! 2)The Pirates have won 13 of their last 16 games. Atlanta is going in the opposite direction, losing 11 of 13. Give them some more. Hit, Run, & Score! 3)The Pirates send LH Francisco Liriano, 6-10, 3.45 ERA to the hill. Atlanta starts RH Aaron Harang, 11-11, 3.68 ERA. In Frankie's last 5 starts he has fanned 36 in 33 innings, with a 0.82 ERA and a .170 BAA. Frankie has won 3 straight. #4 would be great! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


We're from the town with the great football team! Your Pittsburgh Steelers need to start playing like a great football starting tonight as they battle the Carolina Panthers on Sunday Night Football. 1)The Panthers are 2-0 while the 1-1 Steelers are one of three teams looking up at the Cincy Bungles in the AFC North. Nothing would be fina than a win over Carolina! 2)The Steelers defense is a very unimpressive 29th in the NFL in rushing yardage, allowing an average of 170 yards per game. They're also ranked 27th by giving up 5.2 yards per carry. The Panthers, meanwhile, are ranked 25th in rushing offense, averaging a paltry 87.5 yards per game. This sounds like just what the doctor ordered to give the Steelers defense a shot in the arm. Hit 'em early, hit 'em often, hit 'em HARD! 3)The Steelers offense has been outscored in their last 6 quarters, 50-9. QB Ben Roethlisberger and the offense need to get on the same page and break out of this funk. They'll have their hands full as they face the #2 defense in the league last season which also boasts the 2013 Defensive Player of the Year, LB Luke Kuechly. The Steelers may have to keep TE Heath Miller home to help with blocking assignments, eliminating one of Ben's favorite targets. Keep your head on a swivel, Ben. Score early, score often, score BIG! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


We're gonna make our dreams come true! Your Pittsburgh Pirates wrap up their series and their regular season home schedule today against the Milwaukee Brewers. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Pirates lost a heart breaker last night, dropping game 2 to the Brewers 1-0. Had they won, they would have been tied for the top Wildcard spot with San Fran, who also lost. All season long the Pirates have shown that they're a resilient, tenacious team with their bounce-back ability. And after seeing reigning MVP CF Andrew McCutchen get beaned not once, but twice, last night, it's time to retaliate, BIG TIME. Hit them early, hit them often, hit them HARD! 2)The Pirates were unable to capitalize off of opportunities last night, leaving 10 men on base and going 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position. Score early, score often, score BIG! 3)The Brewers start RH Wily Peralta, 16-10, 3.70 ERA. The Pirates counter with RH Vance Worley, 7-4, 3.18 ERA. The last time the Bucs faced Peralta, they torched him for 8 runs, with 3 homers, in 5 innings, for a 10-2 Pirates win. It's time for payback. Please always remember and don't ever forget: Hit, Run, & Score! It's clobberin' time! All hands on deck! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Bucco fever, catch it! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their final regular season series at PNC Park tonight against the Milwaukee Brewers. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)Last night's 4-2 victory was the Pirates 40th come-back win of the year and their 5th straight win overall. Keep calm, Hit, Run & Score & Raise the Jolly Roger! 2)The Pirates win and the Brewers loss makes the Pirates magic #5. A Pirates win/Milwaukee loss tomorrow would cut that to 3. If it's 3, it's for me! 3)Milwaukee has RH Matt Garza, 8-8, 3.74 ERA, on the mound. The Pirates roll with RH Edinson Volquez, 12-7, 3.27 ERA. Eddy hasn't lost in his last 10 starts and is 4-0 with a 1.73 ERA in his last 8. Steady Eddy! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Schlemiel, schlimazel! Your Pittsburgh Pirates start their last home series of the regular season tonight against the Milwaukee Brewers at the friendly confines of PNC Park. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Pirates found the win column again last night, a 3-2 nailbiter over Boston. That completed the sweep of the World Champs and gives the Pirates 4 in a row overall. Can they get over the hump and find that ever elusive 5-game winning streak? You'd better BUCN believe it! 2)The Pirates will face RH Yovani Gallardo, 8-10, 3.59 ERA. Since defeating the righthander, 8-3 on August 22, he's gone 0-4 with a 5.26 ERA. LH Jeff Locke is on the mound for the Bucs. The Pirates have won 7 of Locke's last 8 starts at PNC. There's no place like home. Locke and load! 3)With last night's win and Milwaukee's extra-inning loss to St Louie, the Pirates magic number for the playoffs is down to 7. Defeating Milwaukee tonight would make would cut that number by 2. Give 'em a big ol' mug o' Hit, Run & Score!  Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I love that dirty water, Pittsburgh you're my home! Your Pittsburgh Pirates wrap up their series with the World Champion Boston Red Sox tonight at PNC Park. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)Last night, this Pirates squad became the first in team history with at least 9 players with 10+ home runs. Chicks dig the long ball! 2)Boston starts RH Brandon Workman, 1-9, 5.27 ERA. The Pirates counter with RH Gerrit Cole, 9-5, 3.92 ERA. Cole's career September numbers are 6-1 with a 3.04 ERA and 57 strikeouts through 50 1/3 innings. All aboard the Cole Train! 3)In the first 2 games of this series, the Bucs have battered Boston 13-1. Give 'em more Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Let's go let's go, he can't hit, he can't hit! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series against the Boston Red Sox tonight at PNC Park. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)Last night's 4-0 blanking of Boston brings the Bucs a season-best 10 games over .500. #11 would be heaven! 2)LH Francisco Liriano, 5-10, 3.53 ERA, is on the hump for the Pirates. Filthy Frankie has been just that, keeping opponents scoreless through his last 16 innings. Fire it up, Frankie! 3)Boston will start RH Clay Buchholz, 8-8, 5.19 ERA. Boston has won Buchholz's last four starts. No more. Hit him early, hit him often, hit him HARD.  Knock him out with some Hit, Run & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Bucco fever, catch it! Your Pittsburgh Pirates begin their last interleague series of the regular season tonight as they battle the Boston Red Sox at PNC Park. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)Boston's starter will be RH Anthony Ranaudo, 3-2, 5.40 ERA. The Pirates tend to make a pitcher with Ranaudo's kind of numbers look like Cy Young. Say sayonara to Ranaudo tonight. Send him off with a big can o' Hit, Run, & Score! 2)The Pirates have RH Charlie Morton, 5-12, 3.84 ERA, going tonight. This is Charlie's first start since a stint on the DL. Grind 'em up, Ground Chuck! 3)Pirates 3B Josh Harrison now leads the NL with a .317 BA. All the way JHay! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


     Some people would say that I love football, notably the NFL and more so, the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is incorrect. I love my family and my friends. I am passionate about Pittsburgh's major sports franchises, namely the Pirates, Penguins and the aforementioned, Steelers. But it seems that, lately, my relationship with the NFL is waning.

     No, it's not because the Steelers are off to an unimpressive start for a third consecutive season (that's an article for another day). No, the reason I'm losing my passion and my interest in the NFL is because of what it's become. It's no longer the National Football League. It has turned into the No Fault League, the National Felons League or the Not our Fault League.

     Every day is seems that more and more players are making headlines not for their play on the field but for their reprehensible behavior off it. On of my favorite sports websites, ProFootballTalk.com long ago added an application on their website called "police blotter". At first it was mildly amusing, to say the least. Typically during the offseason, players would get into minor transgressions due to their enormous amount of free time and money. They'd get busted for misdemeanors such as public intoxication or disturbing the peace. But at some point, a disturbing trend began to develop: Players names were turning up more and more in the police report, for more felonious charges. What were once minor offenses became more violent and life-threatening. The letters DUI became synonymous with NFL. And the violent actions on the field were seeping into players lives off it. Words such as assault, domestic violence and even murder became the norm.

     It seems more and more that players are forgetting that it's a privilege and an honor to play in the NFL, to play for the Shield. Most of these players thinks it's their birthright. And why shouldn't they? The majority of these young men have been coddled since their teen years, sometimes even younger, because of their God-given ability to play a child's game. If a player didn't turn in a homework assignment or performed badly on a test, it was ok because of the way their performed on the gridiron. In college, they're afforded more luxuries than the common student. They are given an opportunity at a first rate education from some of the finest universities in the country with free room and board. Some of them even get rewarded, albeit under the table, away from the watchful eye of the NCAA, with cars, jewelry and money. And if/when the time comes that these athletes should make a mistake and go outside the law for infractions such as shoplifting, burglary, or sexual assault, they are normally let off with a slap on the wrist and a scolding and sent right back into the huddle.

       True, everyone makes mistakes and is entitled to second, third, even fourth chances (Lawrence Phillips comes to mind). Everyone is also innocent until proven guilty and allowed due process. I also realize that there are many players out there that are upstanding citizens, contributing members of society with philanthropic endeavors. God bless them. Unfortunately they don't make front page news. They're not always on the TMZ website and the talk of every sports talk show in the nation.

     And how can we expect the players to accept accountability for their actions when the owners and league commissioner do not. Recently, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was accused of sexual assault. Within the last year, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance. Even the grand poobah, commissioner Roger Godell has come under fire for the possible cover-up of video evidence in the Ray Rice assault incident.

     Even my beloved Steelers are guilty (pun intended) of a laundry list of offenses. One example is from 2008 when former Steelers WR Cedric Wilson was arrested in a domestic dispute. He became a "former" Steeler not because of the arrest, but because of his lack of performance on the field. How do I know this? Because another Steeler was arrested for the same charge in 2008, that player was 2008 Defensive Player of the Year, LB James Harrison. The Steelers even went so far as to recently sign Harrison to a 1-day contract to allow him to retire as a Steeler. Is that really the message they want to send?

     And what do we fans do? We continue to eat this up, myself included. We continue to watch their games, buy their merchandise and fill their stadiums. Every Sunday and Monday and now Thursday nights, too, we sit on the edge of our seats with our game jerseys on, drinking the official beer of the NFL and eating pizza from the official pizza maker of the NFL, watching, waiting and wondering.

    The NFL loves it. It's no longer just watching a game. The league, the owners, the players and the networks have turned this into WWE meets As the World Turns. It has everything: suspense, intrigue and even a little football. "Who will Ben bang in the public restroom this week?" "Did Ray kill that man in the back of the limo?" "What blond will Jerry fondle this week?" There is even extortion. Because the owners will continue to blackmail the unwitting public week in and week out. If the taxpayers don't build us a new stadium, we'll move the team. If the fans won't sell out our games, they won't be able to watch them on local television. And we continue to pay for it.

      The NFL is also called the No Fun League. That's just it, they've taken all the fun out of the game for us. Think about it. If X amount of people don't watch the networks shows every week, that show is canceled, banished from the airwaves, never to be seen again. What I'm wondering is "What if they had an NFL and no one came"? What if we, the hard-working public, decided that we've had enough of the drama and the bad behavior? Enough of watching entitled billionaires looking down on us from their luxury suites as they count their copious amounts of cash. What if we tired of watching entitled athletes continue to behave in manners that aren't fit for society? After all, we don't watch our favorite television shows when we think they've "jumped the shark". At what point do we all agree that the NFL has jumped their shark?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hey batter, batter, batter! Your Pittsburgh Pirates wrap up their series with the Chicago Scrubs this afternoon at PNC Park. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Pirates look to get back in the win column today and win their final series with their division rivals. Sink the Scrubs with a heavy dose of Hit, Run, & Score! Oh my! 2)The Scrubs send RH Jacob Turner, 5-9, 5.84 ERA to the mound. The Pirates go with RH Edinson Volquez, 11-7, 3.36 ERA. Eddy is 6-0 with a 3.12 ERA lifetime versus Chicago. #7 would be heaven! 3)In 5 of his last 6 home starts, Eddy has give up 2 runs of less. There's no place like home! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Mrs. Black-N-Gold needed some time to calm down following your Pittsburgh Steelers demoralizing 26-6 loss at the hands of their dreaded rivals, the Baltimorons. On national televsion, no less. Now that I've talked myself off the ledge and calmed down, it's time to take a look at the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from Thursday night's debacle.

1)The Good-The best part about this game is that it's over and the Steelers don't have to worry about facing the Baltimorons again until November 2. Also, they now have more than a week to prepare for the next opponent, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, next Sunday night. Other than that, I don't see much of anything for the Steelers to hang their hat on. Demoralizing defeats like this will do that to you.

2)The Bad-Space and time limitations prevent me from listing all the bad. I'll have to hang the "Bad" tag on the defense. They did not record a sack of Baltimoron QB Joe Flacco. By not pressuring the quarterback, that does not help setup the defense to force their opponents into making mistakes. Through 2 games the Steelers have just 2 sacks and no turnovers. The veterans look "slow and old" to quote Warren Sapp. The youngsters look unfocused and lost. We knew that the personnel changes to the D would lead to growing pains but it's just painful to watch. Is it Coach LeBeau's schemes or is it the players? Maybe it's both.

3)The Ugly-Don't worry, the offense isn't blameless in this one. Especially when they haven't scored a touchdown in 6 quarters. T Marcus Gilbert looks like a revolving door as he's allowed QB Ben Roethlisberger to be sacked twice in each of the first 2 games. Ben suffered a brutal hit at the hands of LB Courtney Upshaw early in the game and was not himself the rest of the night. The offense couldn't find a rhythm. WR Justin Brown fumbled away the Steelers opening drive. The usually reliable TE Heath Miller fumbled over a late drive, as well. All in all, the offense failed to sustain any meaningful drives and put significant points on the board. The few opportunities they gave themselves ended in turnovers or settling for field goals. Where is the promise and potential that this unit showed in the first half of the Cleveland game? The cries of "Fire Haley" are sure to get louder if the offense doesn't start to perform.

Ugly honorable mention goes to the fans in the stands at this game that were wearing Ray "Wife Beater" Rice's jersey and the players that dedicated this win to him. This only reinforces my thinking that there are Baltimorons in Maryland.

It may be too early to push the panic button but if the Steelers continue to (under)perform, that button better be darn close. The coaches need to get this team prepared and focused and set them up for success. If the players don't take that game plan and execute to the best of their abilities, it could be another long offseason as the Steelers will be home for the playoffs. Back to the drawing board, boys. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


Take me out to the ballgame! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series tonight at PNC Park versus the Chicago Scrubs. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)Following last night's sinking of the Scrubs, 7-3, the Pirates can make it 2 in a row over Chicago and 4 straight overall. Get win #4 with lots o' Hit, Run, & Score! 2)The Scrubs start LH Felix Dubront, 3-5, 5.43 ERA. Last week in Chicago Dubront lasted just 5 innings against the Bucs, giving up 2 runs in a 5-0 loss. The Pirates go with LH Jeff Locke, 7-4, 3.60 ERA. In Monday's 6-4 win over Philly, Locke was stellar, giving up just 1 run and 3 hits in 7 innings while fanning a career high 9 and not allowing a walk. Lockedown the Scrubs! 3)Mrs. Black-N-Gold will be attending her first game of the season tonight and will have her Jolly Roger with her. Raise It! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Root, root, root for the home team! You Pittsburgh Pirates are back home in the friendly confines of PNC Park for their final homestand of the regular season beginning tonight with the first of 3 vs the Chicago Scrubs. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Pirates took the series from the Sillies with last night's 4-1 victory and have won 2 straight. Tonight they look to make it 3. If it's 3 it's for me! 2)Meanwhile, the Scrubs have lost 6 in a row. Give them #7 with a big dose of Hit, Run & Score! 3)The Scrubs start LH Tsuyoshi Wada, 4-2, 2.95 ERA. The Pirates will roll with RH Gerrit Cole, 8-5, 3.89 ERA. Cole was the beneficiary of a Pirates hit parade in Chicago last Sunday in their 10-4 win. He even got in on the action himself, cracking his first MLB home run. All aboard the Cole Train for another win! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here we go, Steelers, here we go! Your Pittsburgh Steelers face another divisional opponent this week as they're on the road to face the Baltimorons for Thursday Night Football. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Steelers came out guns a'blazin' in Sunday's 30-27 win over the Clowns, staking themselves to a 24-3 halftime lead. Unfortunately, the offense stalled in the second half, managing just the game-winning field goal of off K Shaun Suisham's foot as time expired. You can't let up against the Baltimorons, especially, in their house. Score early, score often, score BIG and keep on scoring! 2)The defense had it's share of troubles in the second half of the Cleveland game, as well, surrendering 24 unanswered points, at one time. How did Cleveland pull this off against the "vaunted" Steelers D? By going hurry up for most of the final 30 minutes. The Steelers defense looked confused and gassed. Remember, this is a copy-cat league. Until the Steelers prove they can stop the hurry-up, everyone is going to run all over them with it. Hit them early, hit them often, hit them HARD in the hurry-up! 3)A win tonight would move the Steelers to 2-0 in the AFC North and both wins would be versus division opponents. Make hay while the sun shines. Need to be 60 minute men! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


Rounding third and heading for home! Your Pittsburgh Pirates wrap up their series with the Sillies in Philly tonight. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Bucs got back in the win column last night, 6-3 giving them an opportunity to take the series from their cross-state rivals. Hoist the colors! 2)In their last 19 games, the Pirates have amassed a 2.40 ERA, best in the Majors. Mow 'em down! 3)The Pirates send LH Francisco Liriano, 4-10, 3.74 ERA to the hill. The Sillies will counter with former Buc RH A.J. Burnett, 8-15, 4.29 ERA. A.J. has never lost 16 games in a season. Give him #16 with a big helping of Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


One, two, three strikes, you're out! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series in Philly tonight as they battle the Sillies. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)RH Vance Worley, 6-4, 3.05 ERA goes for the Buccos. Worley will look to exact some revenge on his old team. Give 'em the bird, Worley! 2)Philly will send RH Jerome Williams, 5-5, 5.34 ERA to the mound. The Pirates tend to make mediocre pitchers like Williams look good. Hit him early, hit him often, hit him HARD! 3)The Pirates 4-game winning streak came to an end with last night's 4-3 loss in Philly. The Pirates left 7 men on base and were 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position. TCB, Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The crack of the bat, the thrill of the hit! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series with their cross-state rival the Philly Sillies tonight. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)With last night's 6-4 victory, the Pirates have scored 16 runs in their last 2 games. Keep on BUCN! 2)The Pirates tied their season-high total, winning their 4th straight. Keep the streak alive with win #5! 3)The Pirates send RH Edinson Volquez, 11-7, 3.31 ERA to the hump. Philly will start RH David Buchanan, 6-7, 3.95 ERA. Keep Eddy steady. Hit, Run, & Score, oh my! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Play ball! Your Pittsburgh Pirates take their show on the road as they begin a 4 game set tonight against the Philly Sillies. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)In completing the sweep yesterday, a 10-4 drubbing of the Scrubs, the Pirates pounded out a season-high 19 hits, including 4 homers. Hits, like wins, are contagious. Strike up the band for the hit parade! 2)The Pirates have won 3 in a row. Give 'em #4 with lots of Hit, Run, & Score! 3)The Pirates will send LH Jeff Locke, 6-4, 3.75 ERA to the hill. Philly will counter with RH Kyle Kendrick, 8-11, 4.77 ERA. In 3 career starts vs. Philly, Locke is 3-0 with a 1.37 ERA, holding the Sillies to a .176 batting average. Lockedown the Sillies! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!


"Whew!" That was Mrs. Black-N-Gold's reaction as Shaun Suisham kicked a 41 yard field goal as time expired to lead the Steelers to a season-opening victory over the Cleveland Clowns yesterday 30-27. This is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from yesterday's game.

1)The Good-QB Ben Roethlisberger helped stake the Steelers to a 27-3 lead at halftime, passing for 278 yards including a 35 yard touchdown pass to WR Antonio Brown. Ben, like the rest of the team, got bogged down in the 2nd half as Cleveland climbed back into the game to tie at 27. But, Ben being Ben, he led the Steelers on a 4th quarter drive that ended with Suisham's game-winning field goal. Ben was sacked 4 times and hit 4 more and finished with 365 passing yards, 1 TD, 1 INT & 100.7 passer rating. On that final drive though, who you gonna call? Big Ben! 

2)The Bad-Sorry, this dubious distinction is going to the D. They allowed the Clowns to get back in the game by surrendering 24 points in the 2nd half. They also let rookie RB Terrence West run all over them for 100 yards on 16 carriers and another rookie RB, Isaiah Crowell, gash them for 2 TDs. Going no-huddle in the 2nd half, Cleveland proved, as Philly did in the preseason, that speed kills the Steelers D. The Steelers let opportunities slip through their hands many times with missed tackles and dropped interceptions. Unless the defense shows improvement, it looks like Ben and the offense are going to have to bail the D out many times this season.

3)The Ugly-Like this game before Suisham's game-winner, it's a tie. Penalties, as they have been during the Tomlin-era, were a killer, 11 of them for 96 yards. From OL Kelvin Beachum's holding penalty that negated a Le'Veon Bell touchdown early in the game, to the Antonio Brown unnecessary roughness penalty for kicking Cleveland's punter in the face, the Steelers almost penalized themselves out of the game. Just as bad as the sloppy, undisciplined play was the play of one man, CB Ike Taylor. He was as guilty as any for some of these infractions. The capper, though, was when Ike dropped a sure interception that hit him right in the breadbasket in the endzone. That set up Cleveland to score the tying touchdown. Ike complained in the offseason about how he was forced to take a paycut. The way his play has regressed, Ike is lucky he wasn't cut completely. Focus on cutting back on the penalties and take advantage of the opportunities when they're in your hands, Ike.

The Steelers do find themselves in first place in the AFC North following this nailbiter. The Clowns are in the cellar at 0-1. The Bungles beat the Baltimorons to go to 1-0, too. Enjoy this win and get back to the drawing board. There's still a lot of work to be done with the road trip to Baltimore for Thursday night's game. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Batter up! Your Pittsburgh Pirates close out their series in Chicago this afternoon against the Scrubs. These are your keys to today's game. 1)After winning yesterday's suspended game, 5-3 and the regularly scheduled matchup, 5-0, the Pirates attempt to win their 3rd game in the span of 24 hours. If it's 3, it's for me! 2)The Pirates send RH Gerrit Cole, 7-5, 3.86 ERA, to the mound. All aboard the Cole Train! 3)The Scrubs counter with LH Travis Wood, 8-11, 4.81 ERA. The Bucs typically have trouble with mediocre pitchers such as Wood. Get good wood, break out the Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!


We got a feeling, Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl! Your Pittsburgh Steelers kickoff the season at Heinz Field this afternoon as they battle AFC North rival, the Cleveland Clowns. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Steelers look to put their mediocre seasons of the past 2 years behind them and put one in the win column against a divisional opponent. The offense needs to find their rhythm early and keep their foot on the gas. Score early, score often, score BIG! 2)The defense has been sorely lacking in seasons past as the Steelers sack and turnover totals have plummeted. They need to be ready for the dual QB threat of former Steeler Brian Hoyer and rookie Johnny Manziel. Hit 'em early, hit 'em often, hit 'em HARD! 3)The Black-N-Gold have shown a lack of discipline and focus in recent years and need to lay off the penalties and stick to the task at hand. Losing to the Clowns would be no laughing matter. Beware the trap game. Don't look ahead to Thursday's game against the Baltimorons. Kick the crap out of Cleveland! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Today we really do play two! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their series versus the Chicago Scrubs at Wrigley Field this afternoon as they pick up with they left off with yesterday's suspended game, 3-3, 1 away in the 7th. Following the completion of the suspended showdown, the Bucs and Scrubs will play their regularly scheduled game. These are your keys to today's game(s). 1)The Pirates had leads of 1-0 and 3-2 yesterday. Just like the season, you can't let these slip away. Hold 'em Bucs! 2)Today's Pirates starter, LH Francisco Liriano, 3-10, 3.91 ERA, is coming off a dreadful August in which he only received 6 runs of support the entire month while going 0-3. Score early, score often, score BIG! 3)Scrubs starter, LH Felix Doubront, 1-0, 5.56 ERA, tries to win back-to-back games for the first time this season. Hit him early, hit him often, hit him HARD with some Hit, Run, & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Let's play two! Your Pittsburgh Pirates take their show on the road as they begin a 3-game stint in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field where they'll do battle with the Chicago Scrubs. These are your keys to today's game. 1)The Pirates have the worst road record in the NL and the worst record in the Majors in daylight games. They've also lost 4 straight. Will they make it 5 in a row? I say No, No, No! 2)In 7 of their last 10 games, the Pirates are hitting just .176 with runners in scoring position. Don't leave the Bucs on the pond. Hit, Run, & Score! 3)RH Vance Worley, 6-4, 3.01 ERA will get the start for the Bucs. He will oppose Scrubs lefty Tsuyoshi Wada, 4-2, 2.79 ERA. The Vanimal has been an animal in 3 career starts vs. the Scrubs, going 2-0 with a 2.08 ERA. Give 'em the bird, Worley! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Here we go, Steelers, here we go! Your Pittsburgh Steelers begin their quest for Super Bowl #7 this Sunday as they open at home against the Cleveland Clowns. Boom! Just like that, the Steelers face a division rival. It would be a tremendous boost to the Steelers' confidence to start off the season with a win, even if it is against the Clowns. Considering the Steelers have finished a mediocre 8-8 and failed to reach the playoffs the past two seasons, Mrs. Black-N-Gold would say they need all the help they can get. She looks at Coach Mike Tomlin's charges as they face an uphill battle back to the postseason.

1)Offense-As long as the Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger under center, they should never be counted out of playoff contention. Last season, Big Ben played all 16 games for the black-n-gold. Will the offensive line help him stay healthy again this season? New offensive line coach Mike Munchak was brought on board to see to it that they do. He also needs to help the O-Line re-establish a running attack that has been dormant for the past several seasons. That is also why the Steelers signed LeGarrette Blount, to shore up the running game with second year man Le'Veon Bell. Unfortunately, the Bell & Blount tandem did not get off to a good start in the preseason as they were busted for marijuana en route to the airport for the Eagles preseason game in Philly. Coach Tomlin choose not to reprimand the Steelers version of Cheech and Chong, preferring to let the repercussions come from the league office. In the meantime, that Philly game was a mess, all the way around. OC Todd Haley is expected to unleash the no-huddle more this season. Ben may need it if he doesn't have a running game or many receiving weapons. The receivers look like this: Pro Bowl WR Antonio Brown, ever-reliable TE Heath Miller and a whole lot of question marks.

2)Defense-The Steelers continued to try to get younger on the defensive side of the ball. 1st round draft pick, ILB Ryan Shazier, is expected to be the first rookie to start at linebacker since Kendrell Bell. Can Shazam win Defensive Rookie of the Year honors like Bell? The pressure will be on the rookie to see what he can do. Speaking of pressure, the front 7 need to get after the quarterback and force some much-needed turnovers, something this defense has sorely been lacking these last few years. The Steelers went young with the linebackers, the defensive line and at safety. What's strange is they choose not to do so with the cornerbacks. They brought back Ike Taylor at a less expensive rate (he'll be the first to tell you about it as he's spent the better part of the offseason complaining about it), will trot out William Gay on the other side and use Cortez Allen in the nickel. Not very impressive, especially considering the penalty flags this group racked up in the preseason. Luckily, baring injury, S Troy Polamalu should be free to roam about the defense and do what he does best. Unlike last season when #43 was forced into action at LB much of the time.

3)Special Teams-The Steelers signed K Shaun Suisham to an extension in the offseason and made him a captain, too. Good thing. He may be called upon to be a big offensive weapon this season. There's more good news for special teams: long-time long snapper Greg Warren has been cleared to play in the opener. It could be bad news for the Steelers if he gets injured again. Remember a few years back when James Harrison was forced into service? Get someone up in the bullpen now, in case another injury occurs. The punting situation is still a mess, though. Brad Wing? Really? That's the best the Steelers can do? I hope we aren't forced to punt a lot this season.

Looking at the Steelers in the preseason, Mrs. Black-N-Gold sees pretty much the same scenario as the last 2, playoff-less years: Lack of depth, no tackling ability and many, many penalties. They continue to play sloppy, unfocused football but still expect to come out smelling like a rose. I certainly hope I'm wrong. One good note is that no team looks to take hold of the AFC North and run away with it. I see the Steelers going 10-6 this season, getting a wildcard playoff birth. That may be generous on my part but I still do and always will bleed black-n-gold. Here's hoping the Steelers make me look completely foolish and run away with it. All the way to Super Bowl #7. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


All hands on deck! Your Pittsburgh Pirates try to salvage a win in St Louie this afternoon as they wrap up their series with the Cardinals. These are your keys to today's game 1)The Pirates have dropped three straight and are fading in both the NL Central and Wildcard races. They went 0 for 3 with runners in scoring position in last night's latest defeat, 6-4 to St Louie. Can't leave those Bucs on the pond! 2)Last night's losing pitcher, Jeff Locke surrendered 5 walks that led to 4 of the Cardinals runs. St Louie is a team that takes advantage of opportunities. The free pass will come back to bite you in the a**! 3)The Pirates are 17-28 during the day, worst in the Majors. Beat the living daylights out of the ball. Hit, Run & Score! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Let's go, let's go, he can't hit, he can't hit! Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their HUGE series in St Louie tonight as they battle the Cardinals. These are your keys to tonight's game. 1)The Pirates did not get off to a good start in St Louie as they let the Cardinals come from behind to beat them yesterday, 5-4. That was the second day in a row the Bucs have allowed a division opponent to come back and beat them. You can't win the division or the wildcard like that. TCB, Take Care of Business! 2)The Pirates lost yesterday because they failed to take advantage of opportunities. They left 11 men on base and were a sorry 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Break out the Hit, Run, & Score & the Jolly Roger! 3)The Pirates send lefty Jeff Locke, 6-3, 3.51 ERA to the mound. St Louie will start RH Adam Wainwright, 15-9, 2.59 ERA. Last week, Locke bested Wainwright in a 3-1 win. Wainwright has lost 2 in a row. If it's 3 it's for me. Lockedown St Louie! Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Put me in coach! Your Pittsburgh Pirates take their show on the road to St Louie as they open up a HUGE 3 game series today against the Cardinals. These are your keys to today's game. 1)In the month of September, the Pirates will play 17 games on the road and only 9 at the friendly confines of PNC Park. The Pirates own the best home record in the NL to go along with the worst road mark. The Pirates need to turn their luck around on the road. Pack up the Jolly Roger and the Hit, Run, & Score! 2)After losing 7 in a row, the Pirates have won 3 straight series, all against division rivals. Get some more. Win series #4! 3) In their last 6 games, the Pirates pitching staff has posted an impressive 1.67 ERA.The Pirates start RH Gerrit Cole, 7-4, 3.65. ERA. Cole opposes St Louie RH Lance Lynn, 14-8, 2.79 ERA.. All aboard the Cole Train! Let's Go Bucs!