Tuesday, December 1, 2015


     Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick and tell him it's a great day for hockey! Our Pittsburgh Penguins take their show on the road to the west coast where they open up their road trip tonight in San Jose to faceoff against the Sharks. These are your keys for tonight's game. 1)The Pens have played to OT in 3 straight games, losing the last 2. To add insult to injury, the losses were to NHL bottom-feeders. Get on the stick and get back in the win column! 2)The Pens face someone that has a worse power play percentage than they do. The Pens are 23rd in the league at 16.5%. Believer it or not, San Jose is 24th at a 16.4% clip. Man-up and sink the Sharks! 3)The Pens are a platry 25th in the NHL in goals per game at 2.2. Break out the Goals, Goals, Goals! Let's Go Pens!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015


     Our Pittsburgh Steelers returned to the gridiron yesterday with a showdown versus the Seahawks of Seattle. Unfortunately, the Steelers were the turkeys on this Thanksgiving weekend, losing this back-and-forth battle 39-30. Now that Mrs. Black-N-Gold's blood pressure has returned to normal, she brings you The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from yesterday's defeat.


Mrs. Black-N-Gold always tries to find a silver lining in an otherwise cloudy loss. There were 2. First, RB DeAnglo Williams continues to show the world that he's be no means washed up. He only had 8 carriers for 29 yards but scored a touchdown on the ground. He was also a force in the passing game with 7 catches for 88 yards. Having DWill back there makes the loss of RB Le'Veon Bell a little less painful. But the big man on the day was WR Markus Wheaton who had a career day. While WR Antonio Brown was blanketed by CB Richard Sherman most of the day and WR Martavis Bryant had a case of the dropsies, Wheaton went out and caught 9 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown. It was nice to hear from Wheaton yesterday since he's been mostly silent this season.


How bad was it? Oh, let Mrs. Black-N-Gold count the ways. First, is the fact that Seattle converted 3 Steelers interceptions into 19 points. How many points did the Steelers get off of turnovers? Try zero because that's how many turnovers the defense forced yesterday. Zilch. Secondly, there is the putrid Steelers secondary. The Steelers let Seattle QB Russell Wilson beat them with his arm and he was more than up to the challenge, carving up the defense for 21 of 30 passing on 345 yards with a career-high 5 touchdowns. CB Antwan Blake was the real turkey of the day. Teams will continue to pick on him until he is able to make a stop or the Steelers put him out of his/our misery and take him off the field.


This one is on the coach, Mike Tomlin. Mrs. Black-N-Gold is sure we can all agree that the coach's big boner of the day was the fake field goal that turned into a 54-yard interception by CB Jeremy Lane. At the end of the 1st quarter, leading 3-0, the Steelers were lined up for a 45-yard field goal attempt on 4th and 2. Only it wasn't a field goal attempt. QB Landry Jones was in to hold and attempted the ill-fated pass to OT Alejandro Villenueva that changed the whole complexion of the game. Jones took the snap, ran to his right and threw across his body and into the waiting arms of Lane. Now Mrs. Black-N-Gold knows if this play were successful, we'd be signing the praises of Tomlin as a genius. But it wasn't. And more often then not, Tomlin's attempts to re-invent the wheel often blow up in his face like a stick of dynamite to Wil E Coyote. There was no reason to think that K Chris Boswell would not have made this field goal. He already converted from 44 yards earlier. This would have given the Steelers a 6-0 lead in a hostile environment. Instead, the Seahawks marched down the field and turned this boneheaded play into a touchdown, giving Seattle the first of many leads, 7-3. Just where did Tomlin get his coaching credentials? From a box of Crackerjacks?

No doubt about it, the Steelers playoff hopes are now dwindling. They've fallen from the top wild card spot and #5 in the AFC to #8 and on the outside looking in. And the chances of winning the AFC North are slim to none thanks to a Cincy win yesterday. At least the Baltimorons and Clowns didn't gain any ground. They play tonight on MNF. Meanwhile, the Steelers need to dust themselves off, hope that injuries suffered to TE Heath Miller (ribs), LB Ryan Shazier(concussion), and ESPECIALLY QB Ben Roethlisberger (left with a possible concussion late in the game) are not serious and that they'll be ready for next week's game. The Steelers return to Heinz Field to face the AFC South-leading Indy Colts on Sunday Night Football. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


     We're from the town with the great football team! Our Pittsburgh Steelers are back in action this afternoon when they travel to Seattle to play the NFC-Champion Seahawks. These are your keys for today's game. 1)Seattle QB Russell Wilson leads the NFL in sacks. He's also coming off his best game of the season in last week's win over San Fran. Hit him early, hit him often, hit him HARD! 2)The big matchup everyone has spent the week discussing is Steelers WR Antonio Brown vs Seattle CB Richard Sherman. Mrs. Black-N-Gold will be happy if the Seahawks best corner spends the entire game shadowing the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL. That leaves things open for the other receivers and the running game. But Mrs. Black-N-Gold read that the Seahawks have a problem covering big, athletic tight ends. Could this lead to another big game for TE Heath Miller? If #83 is asked to stay in and help block, could it be a coming-out party for rookie TE Jesse James? Either way, score early, score often, score BIG! 3)The Steelers haven't won in Seattle since going back to the Kingdome days. And there's always the big deal that is made about Seattle's "12th man". Take the crowd out of the game. The best way to do that is to take Wilson out of the game. Don't let him beat you with his legs. Make him beat you with his arm. Beat him like a rented mule! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


     Mrs. Black-N-Gold is smiling like a butcher's dog 'cause it's a hockey night in Pittsburgh! Our Pittsburgh Penguins return home to Consol Energy Center tonight to faceoff against the Edmonton Oilers. These are your keys for tonight's game. 1)Edmonton has lost 3 straight. #4 would be great! 2)In the last 10 matchups against the Oilers, the Pens are 8-0-2, including 3 wins in a row. The Pens have won the last 4 in Pittsburgh. Following last night's 2-1 loss in OT to Columbus, the Pens need to get back in the win column. Gimme a W! 3)This game could be just what the Pens need to get on the stick. The Oilers rank 29th in the league in goals against, giving up an average of 3.1 per game. Score early, score often, score BIG with Goals, Goals, Goals! Let's Go Pens!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015


     Great balls of fire, it's a great day for hockey! Our Pittsburgh Penguins take their show on the road to Columbus tonight to faceoff against the Blue Jackets. These are your keys for tonight's game. 1)The Blue Jackets got the better of the Pens in the last matchup, winning 2-1 In fact, Columbus has won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Find the win column! 2)C Sidney Crosby may be emerging from his season-long slump. He scored 2 goals in Wednesday's 4-3 win over St. Louie and has recorded 10 points in his last 12 games. Slap me silly, Sidney! 3)The Blues Jackets are ranked 28th in the league in goals against, surrendering 3.1 per game. Hopefully that can help the Pens offense get on the stick. Fire up the Motely Crue and some Goals, Goals, Goals! Let's Go Pens!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


     Happy Thanksgiving one and all! Mrs. Black-N-Gold has much to be thankful for this year, her family and friends and everyone who enjoys reading this little Black-N-Gold Blog. She's also thankful for her favorite Black-N-Gold teams, our Steelers, Pens and Pirates. In the spirit of the holiday, today she lists what she's thankful for on Black-N-Gold Thanksgiving.


Mrs. Black-N-Gold is thankful for QB Ben Roethlisberger. Without him, where would our Steelers be? We had to find out the hard way a few times this season when Ben was injured. Face it, the team goes and Ben goes and he gives them the best chance at a Super Bowl. It's great that we have the otherwordly WR Antonio Brown but AB woudn't be so BA without Big Ben. It wasn't always that way. The Steeler faithful have had to endure many, many growing pains but these days Ben is at the top of his game as he leads the team both on the field and off it. Thank you, Ben!


Speaking of players that are at the top of the profession, how about Pens G Marc-Andre Fleury? While our Pens continue to search for offense and find their identity, Flower has bee there every step of the way, pulling their fat out of the fire. Really, would the Pens be as good as they are if they didn't have Flower in goal? Mrs. Black-N-Gold doesn't think so. No doubt about it, MAF is MVP. Thank you, Flower!


Yes, our Pirates have arguably the best player in the game in CF Andrew McCutchen. And this is another case of the team goes as Cutch goes. But without the right leadership, this team goes nowhere. That's why Mrs. Black-N-Gold is thankful for Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle and GM Neal Huntington. It was Hurdle's hire that helped right the ship in Pittsburgh. I brought with him a winning attitude that inspired this organization from top to bottom, ending a 20-odd-year playoff drought in the process. And hats off to NH. He is almost as thrifty as Mrs. Black-N-Gold. He makes the most out of the pittance of a budget that owner Bottom Dollar Bob Nutting throws his way. Now it's time for these 2 to take it to the next level. No more fooling around with Wild Cards. Thank you, Clint and Neal!

     Thank you everyone! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!! Let's Go Pens!!! Let's Go Pirates!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


     I'll be cow-kicked, it's a hockey night in Pittsburgh! Our Pittsburgh Penguins are back on the ice tonight to against the St. Louis Blues at Consol Energy Center. These are your keys for tonight's game. 1)After scoring 8 goals in 2 games, the Pens were held to just 1 in their 3-1 loss to San Jose on Saturday. Crank up the Crue with some Goals, Goals, Goals! 2)We could be looking at a defensive battle. Both teams are top 10 in goals against. The Blues are 8th, allowing 2.4 per game. The Pens are 6th, good for a 2.3 average. Score early, score often, score BIG! 3)There may not be much scoring on the power play, either. The Blues PP is ranked 21st with 17.1%. The Pens are 24th at 15.1%. Both teams strength is in the penalty kill. St. Louis is 4th with 85.5%. The Pens are 6th with an 84.5%. Man-up! Let's Go Pens!!!