Friday, September 18, 2015


      Did you happen to catch the Bucs series with the Cubs this week? More specifically, did you see the play that took out Pirates rookie sensation Jung Ho Kang yesterday? Since the Buccos are out in Hollyweird, Mrs. Black-N-Gold is going to paraphrase the Academy Award-winning movie, "Network". Mrs. Black-N-Gold is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore.

     Losing a gamer like Kang is bad enough. Losing 3 of 4 to the Cubs when they're right at the back door? That's inexcusable. Mrs. Black-N-Gold knows that manager Clint Hurdle knows what he's doing. Really, the Bucs wouldn't be 87-59 if he didn't have some sort of clue. But to continue to trot out the B team in the midst of a pennant race is ridiculous. Did the Cubs sit Anthony Rizzo? Did you see Kris Bryant miss a game? No and no. Sorry, Clint. It's time to tell the boys to man-up. You're in danger of losing homefield for the Wild Card game with the Cubs 2 games back. It may be too late to catch the Cards too now that you're 4.5 behind them with 16 games to go. Yes, sir. It's time to sit the boys and man-up.

      Here's what the lineup should be from now until the end of the season 1)Polanco-RF 2)Marte-LF 3)McCutchen-CF 4)Ramirez-1B 5)Harrison-3B 6)Walker-2B 7)Cervelli-C 8)Mercer-SS. Notice Pedro is missing. His whole giveth and taketh away act is old. He put the team back in it yesterday with a 2-run HR only to commit yet another error (what it that, his 100th of the season?) that helped open the floodgates to a 6-run Cubs 5th. Yes he's among team leaders in homers and RBI but enough is enough. The only time Pedro should be in that lineup is as a pinch-hitter and, if we're lucky, a DH in the World Series.

     Mrs. Black-N-Gold doesn't want to see the names Rodriguez, Florimon, Stewart or Morse in the starting 9, either. No offense, but those guys should only pinch hit, pinch run or go in as defensive substitutes. Same goes for Lunchbox, too, no matter how much Mrs. Black-N-Gold likes him. Oh, and, Clint, tell your regulars that there's no sleep till October. If they're hurting or dinged up, suck it up, buttercup and get out there. If they can't handle it, hit the road, jack. The time for coddling and babying these players is over. You gotta want it to win it. You're not in if you don't win. You've got to refuse to lose.

      No excuses and except no substitutes. All hands on deck and don't give up the ship. Go out there for the final 16 and take no prisoners. World Series or bust. Let's Go Bucs!!!!!


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