Thursday, September 10, 2015


      We're from the town with the great football team! Your Pittsburgh Steelers kickoff their season tonight on Thursday Night Football from New England as they battle the Cheatriots. These are your keys for tonight's game. 1)The Steelers D has shown that they have a hard time handling tight ends. That may be especially true for the physically imposing Rob Gronkowski who is New England QB Tom Brady's safety net. Grill Gronk!  2)The Steelers D needs to knock Brady off his game. That means giving his receivers a big bump at the line of scrimmage to throw a monkey wrench into their timing. Don't be afraid to get physical at the line. Hit them early, hit them often, hit them HARD! 3)This could turn into an offensive showdown, meaning whichever team scores last, wins. The Steelers have to make sure they control the ball. Score early, score often, score BIG! Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!

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