Thursday, December 15, 2016


     To paraphrase Yukon Cornelius, Gold-N-Black, Black-N-Gold! Yes, Christmas is right around the corner, yinz guys. It's the time of year where we send our letters to Santa and he decides whether we've been naughty (maybe just a little bit) or nice (Mrs. Black-N-Gold always tries). Here is Mrs. Black-N-Gold's letter to Santa Claus.

Dearest Santa.

How are you? I hope you, Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer are doing well. I've been trying to be a good person, spreading cheer throughout Black-N-Gold Nation. I know you're busy so I won't ask for much, Santa. Just please try and help out our Favorite Black-N-Gold Teams.


For our Steelers, please give them good health. I know they've managed to avoid major injuries during their 4-game winning streak but it will be especially good if they come out of Sunday's game at Cincy without any major boo-boos. You know how that jagoff Burfict likes to hurt people (how about giving him a lump of coal, while you're at it? Goodness know he's been naughty). 

An AFC North division title would be good, too. That way, maybe, you can give them a home playoff game and/or a bye. 

Of course, a 7th Lombardi Trophy would be greatly appreciated, too, Santa. See you in Houston in February. Let's Go Steelers!!!!!!


For our Penguins, they seem to be doing alright themselves, right now, with a 6-game winning streak. Please continue to give them good health, too. 

And bring Sid another scoring title and MVP award, He's been working really hard so he deserves it. 

Please have Flower and Murray continue to get along and be good friends. It's never easy watching your buddy do well while you ride the bench. In fact, it can be tough. But good things come to those who wait, right? 

On that note, how about another dance with Lord Stanley and his Stanley Cup? Make it back-to-back for the Black-N-Gold. Let's Go Pens!!!!


And for our Pirates......boy this it hard. They need so many things. And I'm not really sure if Bob Nutting and his front office have been very nice to us fans this year. True, they do tons of work within the Pittsburgh community to help those in need. But do they really work to make the Pirates a better team? 

Of course, the Pirates will need their health, too. That is especially true considering they may not have the depth that they have in years past. How about a legitimate starting pitcher or two, also? And maybe a home run stroke for Marte? And can you please give Cutch a bounce back year? Just try to make sure he does it in right field and not center. 

I certainly would love a 6th World Series trophy, too, Santa. That may be asking too much. Maybe you can just bring us an owner that actually wants to win, instead?

Say hello to everyone at the North Pole for me. And please enjoy the periogies, Iron City beer and Smiley Face Cookie I left you. Please put the reindeer on cruise control, you don't want to get pulled over. 

Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Mrs. Black-N-Gold

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