Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dear Santa,

My favorite black-n-gold sports teams have tried awfully hard to be good this year. I would appreciate it if you could leave the following items under their respective trees. As always, additional championships for each go without saying.

The Pirates-please give them a deep-pocketed owner. Bottom Dollar Bob’s policy of addition by subtraction is getting old. Witness the desperation with which they’re trying to trade Hammer & GI Jones to offset the costs of Russell Martin. On a side note, please give MLB a commissioner who is interested in seeing the small market teams compete, not just be a breeding ground for the New Yorks, Bostons & LAs of baseball.

Clutch-please give Clutch a winning team, an MVP award and some protection in the lineup, as well as a day off or two to rest.

The Penguins-please give them an NHL season to salvage. We miss our boys of winter.

Ray Shero-please give the Pens GM the pieces he needs to complete the Stanley Cup puzzle.

Sid-please give Sid continued good health and an opportunity to get back on the ice in front of Pens fans and blow everyone away!

The Steelers-please give the coaches and management a clue. This is the NFL of the 21st century, gentlemen. It’s a passing league. True, it’s good to have some semblance of a running game to control the ball and eat up the clock. However, you have a $100 million, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, put the ball and your faith in Ben’s hands.

The Defense-please give the D some playmaking ballhawks, like the good, old days.

Ben-please give him receivers that can catch the ball, some long pass plays called, a healthy offensive line and the 4th quarter, come-from-behind ability that used to come, oh so,easy.

And Santa, please give all my fellow black-n-gold fans a safe and Merry Christmas.


Your friend,

Mrs. Black-N-Gold

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