Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Happy Hump Day! This can only mean one thing: it’s time for your Pittsburgh Steelers mid-week report. The Steelers are gearing up for their battle at the Big Ketchup Bottle this week against the 4-8 Bolts, or is it Dolts? The Steelers need to go with Mo and ride the momentum of the huge victory over the Baltimorons, not play down to the level of competition. The Steelers try to get healthy in some areas while getting dinged up in others. Sanders, Wallace and Colon are probable. Ben will play based on how well he practices this week. Otherwise, it’s go time for Charlie again. JDog is still your starting running back. Taylor and Woodley are out. Earlier in the season it was noted that they Steelers didn’t have players that could step in without missing a beat this year. That certainly has changed of late. 2 players who stepped up big time last week were Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown. Sure, there were some hiccups but they came through when it mattered most. We’ll need that again this week as Allen is the starter and Brown is the nickel. Shut ‘em down, guys! Speaking of stepping up, congrats to Squeeze Me Suisham for winning the AFC special teams player of the week. Squeeze Me is 24 for 25 for field goals this season, including the game winner Sunday. He’s converted his last 13 in a row, too! Also, congrats to Heeeeath Miller. His touchdown reception in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game set the record for most touchdowns, 38, by a Steelers tight end. Here’s a little known fact: the Steelers are 26-8 when #83 scores a touchdown. What does that tell us? Throw the ball to Miller! Don’t take the San Diegans too lightly. We need a win to keep ahead of the Bungles for that final wild card spot. Go Steelers!!!!!!

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